10 Good Reasons To Live Like A Real Spanish

Did you know Spanish people have a great way of living and quality of life ?

Spanish Studio gives you 10 reasons to adopt the Spanish daily life!

1. The perfect way to start the day with a Spanish traditional desayuno: café con leche, magdalenas, and toasted bread with jam!

2. Of course, you know the basics of flamenco and salsa dancing. It’s even considered as a sport in Spain!

3. You ate a shameful number of bocadillos. Tan delicioso!

4. You love watching your favourite telenovela before going to bed.

5. You shop at Bershka and Zara almost everyday. You just can’t resist shopping.

6. Siesta right after lunch? Totally normal in Spain! Siestas are usually meant to avoid the hottest part of the day.

7. You can’t party without Tequila. Salud!

8. You can’t get enough of churros. You find them everywhere!

9. You enjoy the sun: You probably have the best weather of Europe and you are always tanned. Que suerte!

10. You experience the best parties in the world. Even most Spanish villages have their own summer fiestas.

Everybody wants to live in Spain to share their love of life and their daily life!
We would love to live like a real Spanish!

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