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Why Spanish Studio ?

We are a Spanish language school situated at the East Coast of Singapore. We instruct Spanish courses for adults & children in either individual or group style.

Learning Spanish with us is easy and amusing. Our courses and teaching methodology are worked out to give you an unforgettable Spanish experience. We have a team of qualified Spanish teachers, the best tuition material and interactive classes. It all makes our classes lively, active and allows you to learn Spanish in a quick and efficient way!

Spanish Group Classes will allow you to connect with classmates from all over the world and work on your conversational skills. Spanish Private Tuition will help you to improve your Spanish rapidly as you strive on your own ambitions and demands together with your teacher!

  • Native Spanish Teachers

    Passionated and devoted to teach Spanish

  • Small Group Classes

    A group of 5 to 10 students

  • Efficient Private Tuition

    Your custom-made program

  • Animated and Lively Classes

    Focus on conversations and daily-life dialogues

What our awesome students say

The classes are fun, I’m always looking forward to learn new things and laugh with my teacher and classmates. Me encanta estudiar español!

ChesterAdult Group Course

I have an amazing and energetic teacher. The mixture between theory, grammar and Spanish songs and movies is an ideal preparation for my trip to Spain next year!

ChanPrivate Tuition

Learning Spanish is cool! We have learned a lot. Our family is surprised; we can already say some words and count until ten. We don’t have much homework. It’s the best Saturday activity ever!

Leslie & Emily
Leslie & EmilyChildren Group Course
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