IGCSE / IB Exam Preparation

Your solution to be ready for your exams

Our teachers at Spanish Studio are fully trained to help you study for the Spanish IGCSE and IB programs. Whatever exam you are preparing for, your teacher will be beside you to give you all the keys you need to pass your exam.

We prepare students for : 

  • IB Spanish Standard and or Higher Level
  • IB Spanish Ab-Initio
  • IGCSE Spanish

For both IGCSE and IB exam preparations, we suggest registering for private tuition – as this is fully customisable. What does this mean?

Your child can choose from either one to one tuition or to learn in a small group with friends. At Spanish Studio, we can fully personalise private classes to prepare for the exam and focus on the aspects they need most help with!

Whether your child needs to focus more on writing, grammar, speaking… the teacher will customise the class to meet your child’s needs.

Why learn at Spanish Studio?

  • Specialists in exam preparation – Spanish Studio can support your child through our years of experience in preparing students for their exams
  • Class flexibility – Students can choose to have class once or twice a week. We can also organise intensive classes during the holidays.
  • Well trained teachers – Our teachers are trained and have years of experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and prepare IGCSE and IB exam.
  • Mock tests – we believe in the importance of using past exam papers. Our previous students have shown success and high scores as a result of using previous exam papers to revise and study for their exams.

What are the next steps?

Registering your child to private class couldn’t be easier!

Just drop us an email at info@spanishstudio.sg, with your child needs, exam dates, availabilities for private class, any extra information you wish to share with us.

We will contact you back with 2 working days, with a class proposal.

What do our students say?!

Spanish Studio has been amazing with my son who did his IB.

They gave him the confidence with the only second language he knows and went from a 2 to 7! I cannot thank his teacher enough for being so encouraging and helpful with his learning process – they made it easy for us to help him along!

  • Group size
  • Timetable
  • Duration
  • Levels
  • Start Dates
  • Fees & Discount
  • Private class
  • Once a week
  • 1hour
  • IGCSE & IB preparation
  • Contact us today
  • $80/hour (packages available)

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