Spanish recipe to cook with your children!

Did you think about cooking to share a great moment with your children(s)?

In Spain, everybody love to eat tapas. It tastes good, you can share it during a meal or for “apéro”, and as it is easy to prepare, children can participate to help you cook it! That’s why we want to share this recipe with you. We introduce some Spanish words to learn this language in a fun way.

Let’s cook the most famous tapas : una tortilla!

You will need: 1 onion (cebolla), ½ kilos of potatoes (patatas), 4 eggs (huevos), oil(aceite), salt (sal).

1. Cut potatoes in sliver and add some salt on it.
2. Put some oil into a frying pan, and when it is warm, put potatoes to fry.
3. Cut onions in sliver too.

4. Beat the eggs, until it becomes creamy.

5. Remove the oil. Leave a few into the frying pan to cook the tortilla.

6. Add the eggs into the frying pan, still stir in it with circular movements. Start cooking with a strong fire, and then turn it mild.

Your tortilla is ready to be served!