Our Spanish Teachers

At Spanish Studio we have some lovely teachers and we would like to tell you more about them : Eva and Macarena!

Name: Macarena
Nationality: Spanish
Native of: Casariche, Sevilla

Marcarena is native of Casariche, a city in the province of Seville, then she moved to Antequiera, Malaga, before coming to live in Singapore few months ago.
Seville stays her favorite place of all in Spain, it is the capital and the largest city of the autonomous community of Andalusia.

She likes “Bailar flamenco Sevillana” (to danse Seville’s flamenco), it is a special type of dance from Seville and her favorite Spanish dishes are La paella and El Salmorejo.

What she likes the most about teaching is meeting new people, and she only has one advice to improve your Spanish: speak!


Sevillana is a type of folk music and dance of Seville and its region. This is a combination of Seguidilla, an old Castilian folk music and dance genre and Flamenco.
Sevillanas are danced by couples, often by whole families and towns.
Most of all Sevillana is a festival dance.

Name : Beatriz
Nationality: Spanish
Native of: Zaragoza

¡Hola! My name is Bea. I am Spanish. I come from Zaragoza, in the north-east of Spain, also known as the city of four cultures. I love the north of Spain, famous for its food, wine and folklore.

In my free time I love to do some outdoor activities, and I particularly love to go the the Pyrenees, the mountain range between Spain and France, to do some sports such as hiking, canyoning and skiing.

I also love to cook, so I will be happy to help you learn the Spanish language and culture, and maybe even share some recipes with you! Hope to see you soon at Spanish Studio! ¡Hasta pronto!

Travel in Spanish-speaking countries

What is your next destination: Granada, Mexico City, the Caribbean, Amazonia, Colombia, Machu Picchu?
Bogota is at an altitude of 2,644 m in the Andes mountain range. You can find all different types of landscapes in Colombia. We have mountains (Andes, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta), we have beaches (Caribbean coast), we have jungles, we have desert where the indigenous tribes live. Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world! There is truly something for everyone in Colombia!

The name Colombia comes from Christopher Columbus the famous “conquistador” who discovered the Americas.

Name : Georgina
Nationality: Mexican
Native of: Mexico City

Georgina is from Mexico, she was living in Cuernavaca – a small city not far from Mexico City – before coming to live in Singapore. She is the mother of two sons and one daughter and the grandmother of a little boy.

Mexico is beautiful, so it is very difficult for her to choose one place to introduce it to you. However her favorite place might be Cozumel, it is a Caribbean island. Her favorite dish is the ‘Cochinata’, which is a traditional Mexican slow-roasted porkdish from the Yucatán Península of Mayan origin.

She can’t explain her passion for teaching she only knows that she loves to teach. She has been in the education for 32 years and her advice to succeed in Spanish is “Do not worry if you mess up, just talk! Just do it!”

Mexican Cuisine:

Mexican cuisine is an important aspect of the culture and popular traditions of Mexico. It was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Mexican cuisine is created mostly with ingredients native to Mexico as well as those brought over by the Spanish conquistadors, with some new influences since then. Mexican cuisine has the reputation of being very spicy, indeed they love chili peppers.