6 reasons why you should learn Spanish!

Why is it so important to learn the Spanish language? To be able to dance salsa, enjoy the delicous tapas or to visit the beautiful Latin American countries?
There’s more!! Here are 6 facts that explain why you should learn Spanish and what makes it a joy to speak the language:

1) Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world

Today, more than 540 million people speak Spanish as their first or second language worldwide.  This makes Spanish the second most spoken language in the world. It ranks higher than English, and figures just under Chinese.

2) Spanish is the 2nd most studied language in the world

What is the reason behind this massive popularity? Well, Spanish has become a compulsory second language for international business studies. That’s why, more than 20 million students study Spanish for international communication!

3) Spanish is also the 2nd language for international business communication

Why? Due to the economic growth of Latin America. As it has a rich source of raw materials, many countries import their goods and energy from there. This contributes to an increase of the necessity to master the Spanish language.

Also, Spanish speakers form one of the major revenue sources in the business industry. The buying power of this group of consumers has massively grown and has become very attractive for the worldwide economy.

4) Spanish is the 3rd most used language in the media

Not only on the internet, television and radio but also in the papers. So if you travel to a Spanish speaking country, it will be easier for you to stay up to date with the latest news and facts if you master the language!

5) Every country in America is involved with Spanish…

Not only Latin America has a huge number of Spanish speakers. In fact, there are more than 25 million people who speak Spanish, living in North America! According to statistics, the USA will be the largest Spanish speaking country in 2050.

6) Spanish is the world’s happiest language!

A research group from the University of Vermont has proven that Spanish is the happiest-sounding language on the planet. It was followed by Portuguese and English. So it is a real pleasure to learn it!

To many reasons why you should learning Spanish! Start your Spanish adventure today and learn Spanish with Spanish Studio!