7 tips to improve your Spanish

Now you know why it’s so important to learn Spanish, it’s time to know how you can quickly improve your Spanish. To be honest with you, it’s all about practice!

1. Speak Spanish everytime you can

Don’t be shy! The more you speak the better your pronunciation will be. And, it gives you confidence! Don’t be scared about making mistakes and speak as often as possible.

2. Read Spanish texts and read them out loud

You can read small texts in an online Spanish newspaper. This will enrich your vocabulary. Little tip: keep a dictionary on the side to in case you need it.

And why reading out loud? It’s a great way to improve your pronunciation.

Then, when you feel ready, go to a library, pick up a book and dive into the beautiful Spanish literature!

3. Listen to Spanish

There are many Spanish and Latin Americans singers! Listen to their songs and try to understand the lyrics. Spanish is a very enjoyable language to listen to, you’ll definitely appreciate it!

4. Learn some expressions

What better way to sound like a Spaniard than using their popular expressions? It will help you to expand your vocabulary and improve your oral skills.

5. Watch movies in the original language

There are many great Spanish and Latin American movies! Make it easy for yourself! Add Spanish subtitles to match the prononciation of the words with the writing.

Watching movies in the original language will help you learn every day vocabulary and expressions.

6. Travel to Spanish speaking countries

To learn a new language, immersion in the country is probably the most efficient way. You’ll hear Spanish non stop and practice your Spanish every day.

You’ll see, after a few days in the country you’ll be a lot more confident and will enjoy speaking Spanish with locals.
7. Get a native Spanish penfriend

Having a friend to write to in Spanish is an amazing opportunity to improve your language skills. And nowadays it’s very easy to find one with the social networks. You can probably join some Facebook groups to help you find your best penfriend!

8. (Bonus) Learn Spanish at Spanish Studio!

It’s easiest to learn the Spanish grammar with a qualified native Spanish teacher. We will help you feel confident and you’ll learn Spanish in a fun and friendly environment!