The best Spanish countries to visit

In which countries you can practice your Spanish? Spanish Studio makes the Top 5 for you!

You want to improve your Spanish in another context than Spanish classes? The best way is to travel in a Spanish speaking country! It is a great opportunity to speak with native people, to discover their culture and having good time abroad!

There are 22 countries where Spanish is the principal language, Spanish Studio has selected its 5 favorite countries! There are a lot of places to visit and each of them are very specifics. You will be really surprised by their rich cultures and histories.
And, according to your mood you can choose to go to the mountain, to the beach, to the modern or old and charming cities.


Spain is one of the most beautiful country in Europe. It is surrounded by Portugal, France and Mediterranean Sea.

You can not miss the Park Guell or the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, enjoy a Flamenco show in Andalucia and discover the special atmosphere of a corrida. And, of course, to savor some tapas.

There are some other places that you shouldn’t miss: Pueblos Blancos in Andalucia, the Alhambra in Granada, Picos de Europa, the cathedral Santiago de Compostela, Plaza de Espana in Seville…

But, obviously, this is not an exhaustive list about the places that you should visit in Spain. Here, it is just an appetizer!


Mexico is the second most famous Spanish country. It is placed between United States of America and Guatemala.

Mexico is a really surprising country. You must go and visit the amazing Maya’s Pyramids of Chichen Itza, have a swim in El Zacatón sinkhole and go around the gigantest Mexico City. During your stay try some real mexican Fajitas and enjoy a shot of Tequila to celebrate your holidays in Mexico!
While there, you should also visit the Yucatan peninsula, the world heritage city of Oaxaca, the Chiapas which is a mix of jungle and Maya’s ruins, the Copper Canyon, the Bufadora… And of course attend to a game of Lucha Libre, very appreciate by Mexicans.

Mexico will surprise you!


Argentina is located in the southeastern of South America, it is a popular travel destination for its rich and varied culture, old colonials cities, wildlife and cuisine.

The first thing to see is Iguazu Falls, most famous place, then we advice you Buenos Aires with typical and cultural districts (La boca for example) and go to the famous mountains The Andes. During your meal there, enjoy a glass of local wine.

You should also go to Los Glaciares, El Calafate, Mendoza, Ushuaia, Bariloche, Córdoba… And attend to a Tango dance performance, or give a try to one of the most sophisticated dance!

If you have already travel in one or several of these countries, we are interested to have your own opinion about it!


Peru is located in the west of Brazil and borders Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and Bolivia. It is well known for being the home of Incas and it now became a must-see destination of South America.

This is a marvelous mix of nature and history. Obviously, you should go to the breath-taking view of Machu Picchu, but not only, you also have to visit Cusco and the sacred valley, and the famous Titicaca lake. Don’t forget to taste the traditional Pachamanca.

There you will see some beautiful beaches in Piura, Chachapoyas, the city of Arequipa, the village of Oxapampa, the Colca Canyon… Bring back with you the traditional Peruvian ponchon!

Peru is a country with many different landscapes you will be breath taking!


The Republic of Cuba is composed of two main islands (Cuba and Juventud) and several archipelagos, it is located in the Caribbean sea, in the East of Mexico. Cuba is like nowhere else on earth: economically poor, but culturally rich, with a magnificient architecture.

In Cuba you need to stay up late and wake up early to see the sunset and the sunrise from The Malecón, then go to Baracoa, the historical city where Columbus first landed in Cuba and visit El Morro, a 16th century fortress and former prison. For your palate, try the food street and especially the coconut pie.

To enjoy the most of this beautiful country you should stop and listen to some excotic music like rumba and salsa in the streets, go on the Caribbean beaches, visit Santiago de Cuba, Sancti Spiritus, Cienfuegos… Also, you can try a Cuban cigar.

Cuba is a colorful island and very lively!