Beginner level 2 - Thursdays 7.15pm - online

17feb7:15 pmBeginner level 2 - Thursdays 7.15pm - online
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This course is designed as a continuation of the Beginner Level 1 programme and so is ideal for students who have completed the level 1 course, or have some existing basic knowledge of Spanish.  We’ll focus on developing your conversation skills through a mixture of role plays, games and dialogues – and will help you to improve your listening, reading and writing abilities in a fun and relaxed setting.  


You will learn how to talk to others about your daily life, including what you do for work and what your habits and hobbies are. You’ll learn how to ask someone for their opinion and to give yours in return, how to tell the time, and how to read Spanish recipes and newspaper articles.  We’ll also start to introduce the past tense, so you can speak about your day and what you did in the past.