Beginner level 3 - Tuesday 7:15pm - At Spanish Studio

27feb7:15 pmBeginner level 3 - Tuesday 7:15pm - At Spanish Studio
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This programme is aimed at students who have completed Beginner Levels 1 and 2.  Together with your classmates you’ll continue to develop your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills through fun, entertaining classes.  You’ll practice how to speak Spanish confidently in both the present and past tense, and will continue to explore the Spanish culture.  Once you have completed this level, you will be ready to progress to the intermediate levels!


You will learn how to confidently speak about what you have done in the past, for example where you went on holiday and what it was like.  We will teach you the vocabulary needed when talking about general subjects such as the weather, time or where you live (including how to provide descriptions) –  and will cover how to give your opinion or advice.  You will also learn how to book a holiday.