Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms & conditions before booking. If any part of this document is unclear to you, please contact us for more information.

Registration and fees

– The total amount of the course fees must be paid before the class.
– The fees are non refundable and non transferable.
– French Language Studio Pte. Ltd reserves the right to re-schedule any course and to assign any teacher to any class.

Private Tuition

  • If you choose to pay for your private tuition by the hour, French Language Studio Pte. Ltd cannot guarantee a fixed schedule for your classes, or teacher availability. Your lesson and teacher will only be confirmed once payment is made.
  • Payment for private tuition must be made at least 3 days prior to the class.
  • If you are running late for your class, please inform your teacher.
  • Lessons can be cancelled and rescheduled, providing at least 24 hours notice is given prior to the scheduled lesson. Students must notify us in writing (via email), if they wish to cancel and reschedule a class.
  • If you fail to attend a class, or do not provide at least 24 hours notice to cancel and reschedule, French Language Studio Pte. Ltd reserves the right to charge you the total cost of the missed class.
  • If a student frequently cancels their lessons, then we reserve the right to reassign their allocated time slot to another student. Future tuition will then have to be booked on a lesson by lesson basis, according to the teachers availability. Please note, this means that every lesson for the remainder of your class package, may be held on a different day and at a different time.
  • In the event of sickness on the day of a class, a medical certificate will be required if you are unable to attend. A copy of the certificate must be emailed to the following email address info@frenchstudio.sg, and be received the same day as the missed class. Students must also inform their teacher a minimum of 3 hours prior to their class that they will be unable to attend. If a medical certificate is received and your teacher has been informed (in accordance with the above), you will not be charged for the missed class.
  • Prices advertised on our website are for classes held at French Language Studio Pte. Ltd premises only. For classes held off site, an additional transportation fee will be applied depending on the location.
  • If the student is aged 16 or under, an adult must be at home and contactable during the lesson.
  • Class packages (e.g. buy 10 hours, get 1 hour free) are valid for a maximum of 6 months only, from the date of purchase. After 6 months, any hours not used will be lost.
  • Package extension is only possible under the following circumstances:
    Holiday / Travel (proof of travel required)
    Sickness (Medical certificate required)
    Unavailability of the teacher. In this case, French Studio will try and allocate you a replacement teacher. However, if this is not possible we reserve the right to postpone and reschedule the lesson.

Group Class

– The registration will be confirmed once payment has been received.
– French Language Studio Pte. Ltd needs to have a minimum number of students registered to open a class. In case of an insufficient number of students, there are three possibilities for students who have already paid the fees:

  • Join another class which corresponds to their level
  • Wait for the next training term
  • Get a full refund

– Special combo package (20 hours group class + 2 hours private tuition):
the two hours of private tuition included in this option must be used during the same term as the group tuition. Lessons must be booked at least 2 weeks before the end of the term.
– Make-up class: French Language Studio Pte. Ltd does not guarantee any make-up classes and is not obliged in any way to arrange make-up classes. Students can only make up the class by joining another class of a similar level provided that it fits the school’s schedule and that the school agrees. The make-up class must be taken within the same term, 2 maximum per term. There is no make-up class for children available.
– For children’s classes: any document related to MOE will be given within 7 days of the request and payment. If the child decides to stop learning French, French Language Studio Pte. Ltd will immediately inform the school and the MOE.

  • Skillsfuture : Please note, it is the students full responsibility to submit their claim to SkillsFuture on time and in full.  French Language Studio Pte Ltd, accepts no responsibility or liability, if a claim is subsequently not approved by SkillsFuture. Course fees, including the cost of any course materials, will not be refunded by French Studio.  If you require any documents to support your claim, please send your request in writing to info@spanishstudio.sg.  We will send the documents within 7 working days.

French Language Studio Pte. Ltd responsibility, Safety And Behavior Rules

– The students are not allowed to take pictures or record video/audio without permission.
– Parents must bring and pick up their child on time before and after the official end of lesson, the school will not be responsible for the child.
– For safety reasons, parents are not allowed to wait for their child inside the school.
– French Language Studio Pte. Ltd is not responsible for the loss, theft or degradation of personal property or any injury on our premises and anywhere in Singapore.
– French Language Studio Pte. Ltd is not responsible for any resulting test scores.
– The student must behave respectfully towards the teacher, the other students and the school’s material/furniture. In case of damage, the student/ their parents will be held responsible and will bear the fees to repair.
– In case of continuous problems of behavior of the student or the parents, the school will have the right to expel the student with no refund of the fees.
– Unless otherwise informed, pictures & videos made by French Language Studio Pte. Ltd can be used for communication purposes.

Privacy Policy

– Your personal information will be used in line with French Language Studio Pte. Ltd standards.
– French Language Studio Pte. Ltd will treat all personal information in accordance with PDPC law and its own privacy policy.
– French Language Studio Pte. Ltd will not sell or disclose your details to third parties for commercial reasons.
– Under personal data protection act you have the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold on you, and the right to ask us to correct any inaccurate information.
– If you want more information about this or if you don’t understand or have any questions regarding our terms and conditions, contact French Language Studio Pte. Ltd: contact@spanishstudio.sg

$20off discount – 6th to 10th December 2018

$20 OFF January 2019 group classes

  • Valid only for January 20189 group classes.
  • 1 discount per person only.
  • This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • Registration and payment must be made between 6th December 2018 and 10th December 2018, by cash, cheque, bank transfer, NETS or PayLah only.
  • This offer is not available for PayPal payment or online credit card payment.
  • This offer is non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be converted to cash, sold, or exchanged for any other goods or services.
  • If you have already booked and paid for your January 2019 course, you can claim the $20 discount off your next term group class booking.  Simply contact us for more information and to claim the discount – info@spanishstudio.sg.